Activated Alumina Balls

Activated alumina balls are highly capable of adsorbing moisture and water vapors from the applications where air purification is must to obtain the clean product.

These balls are produced by heating the aluminum oxide to the high temperature. These balls are odorless, non-toxic, insoluble in water and tasteless that makes this desiccant an ideal choice for several applications used in petrochemical and acid industry. They are helpful in the drying of cracked gas, ethylene, propylene, hydrogen and others. They have the ability to adsorb polluted materials as well such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxide, hydrogen fluoride.

These balls are manufactured by the process named as DE hydroxylation from aluminum hydroxide. These are also available in different sizes according to the user’s application and moisture capacity. Activated alumina balls are perfect desiccant for a variety of applications where high moisture adsorption is required.

They act as a powerful air drying desiccants which are commonly used for air drying, separation, and purification of a number of industrial applications. The industries include chemical, petrochemical, air and gas, fertilizer, etc.

The activated alumina AD101( Air Drying Grade) are used for adsorption and purification of various gases and liquids by removing the uncontaminated compounds. They are also effective in drying of organic liquids such as LPG, propylene, aromatic solvents, gasoline, steam cracked liquids, etc. They can be purchased in bulk quantity based on their specifications that exactly meet the requirements of the particular industry. They are available in various grades and specifications that need to be chosen as per the actual needs. Just select the appropriate alumina balls specification that best fits your application and ensures to give excellent result.

These balls have the tendency of never to shrink, swell or become soften when they adsorbed the water. They are work efficiently in preserving the products from damaging effects of humidity, mold or constructional flaws of leakage, etc. They are highly demanding due to the unmatched quality and features that make this desiccant a perfect choice for applications given below.

Applications of Activated Alumina Balls

  • Compressed Air Dryer System
  • Catalyst Bed Support Applications
  • Drinking-Water DE fluorination
  • The adsorbent in Hydrogen Peroxide Removal
  • Drying of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2 and other Contaminants
  • Desiccator and Purifying Agent
  • Drying of Organic Liquids
  • Air Drying with PSA or TSA Process
  • Recycling Process in Alkyl Benzene Production

Technical Parameters

Shape Sphere/Balls
Size (mm) 5-8/2-5
Bulk density (Kg / m3 ) 700-800
BET Surface area (m2 / gm) 345-415
Pore Volume (cc / gm) 0.5.-0.50
Adsorption Capacity (60% RH) 21.5 %
Attrition Loss (%) 0.2

Features of Alumina Balls

  • Higher Surface Area
  • High Resistant Ability to Thermal Shock
  • Never Shrink or Swell
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Effective at High Temperature
  • Regenerated and Reused