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Activated Alumina Balls

Activated Alumina is counted in the list of effective adsorbent and desiccant which is used in a number of applications for removing the moisture and purifying the products.

It is a highly porous form of aluminum oxide that works effectively in a range of conditions. This desiccant is highly appreciated for its high adsorption capacity and powerful crushing strength. Such type of desiccant is highly resistant to the thermal stock and any kind of abrasion, therefore, can be used in a variety of applications for dehydration, separation, and purification of liquids and gases. Activated aluminas will never disintegrate, shrink or swell when engrossed in water.

The features such as adsorption, surface area, pore size as well as mechanical strength, play a great role in making this desiccant an ideal choice for a number of industrial applications. Not only this, activated alumina has a higher capacity for water at high temperature as compared to silica gel,


Therefore, it is commonly used for warm gases hydration. Due to its excellent adsorption properties, it has now replaced the zeolites in several commercial applications. It acts as a desiccant in a number of adsorbent and catalyst applications in the form of small balls known as activated alumina balls.

Sorbead India is the only organization in India which is fully devoted its work in the field of moisture-related applications, such as controlling the humidity, mold, mildew, oxidation, rust and corrosion, air & gas drying, solvent drying and water treatment for fluoride removal, herbal & pharmaceutical purification of basic & herbal drugs.

Its unique organization, which provides a technical & correct usage of its product range, namely adsorbents as per theoretical and correct calculation and no assumptions!

Sorbead India has a trusted name in the desiccant and adsorbent market for manufacturing superior quality of activated alumina balls for the clients with different requirements. We ensure to deliver pure products with the required composition to the customers all across the globe.