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Activated Alumina For Your Air Dryer- What You Need To Know Before Using This Desiccant

Activated Alumina For Your Air Dryer- What You Need To Know Before Using This Desiccant

Moisture control is super important when it comes to making sure your regular industrial processes run smoothly, medical equipment operates smoothly, or even your own compressed air system performs efficiently.

In these important situations, too much moisture can cause corrosion, lower product quality, or even equipment failure. Moisture can wreak havoc on many industrial applications, storage of products, and many other places that need to be protected from humidity and moisture conditions.

Thus, activated alumina can help protect the places that can be affected by the negative outcomes of humidity and moisture. Even in places like your air dryer, activated alumina can adsorb all the moisture and humidity present in the air and void any negative aftereffects caused by it.

But first, activated alumina for your air dryer- what you need to know before using. When it comes to air dryers, activated alumina is a great option because it's really good at getting rid of moisture, it's not toxic, it's strong, and it's recyclable. That’s why air dryers, equipped with the right desiccant can help you with keeping moisture and humidity at bay from your air dryer. 

How does activated alumina help in an air dryer?

Activated alumina has a highly porous surface which offers a large surface area to which moisture molecules adhere, as it is an excellent adsorbent material. Activated alumina aids in the drying process in an air dryer by adsorption of compressed air. Adsorption is the process by which molecules of the mixture adhere to a particular surface, but don’t get absorbed into the material. This way the activated alumina can adsorb the moisture molecules and remove any vapor/gas/humidity from the air of your air dryer.

Activated alumina is a very effective desiccant, and is also chemically inert, and reusable in nature, making it a great sustainable choice for your compressed air dryer. Its efficiency is highly durable, and since it is non-toxic in nature, it is safe to use even in a home setting.

But, how does Alumina activated desiccant help in an air dryer?

When water vapor or gas comes into contact with a bed of alumina beads that have been activated, the pores in the desiccant dryer alumina beads allow the numerous water vapor molecules to be adsorbed and trapped in the alumina beads material. This adsorption process reduces the compressed air's dew point levels, so it won't condense onto the material but instead, you'll get a dry product.

Alumina activated beads have a high ability to adsorb moisture due to its hygroscopic substances, which makes a desiccant dryer a great option for applications where you need to keep the humidity/moisture levels low, like here in the case of an air dryer. It is also capable of absorbing moisture levels down to -50°F dew point or even lower in some cases, depending on how the compressed air dryer system is designed and how it works.

Activated alumina balls/desiccant dryers have a lot of benefits, but one of the most important one is that they can last for a long time at different varying temperatures. It's not affected by high temperatures, so it's the perfect choice of desiccant for industrial applications where you might be using compressed air or gas, like in air dryer systems.

Alumina activated balls can be used in a variety of industries due to their high compatibility capabilities with a variety of gases, compressed air, and chemicals, in general, with the adsorption and purification of various gases and liquids. This is a great advantage for various industries to use alumina desiccant for all their air drying needs.

The process of adsorption requires the generation of dust, and activated alumina beads are designed and can greatly help to reduce the amount of dust produced during this process. It also helps minimize the contamination of sensitive applications and helps with the maintenance.

What are the precautions and considerations when using activated alumina in air dryers?

- Make sure the bed for your activated alumina is the right size for the job and the flow rate to avoid overloading or not getting rid of the moisture properly in air drying. Also, smaller alumina particles have a larger surface area that can help absorb more moisture. You can find different air dryer desiccants for your applications that include molecular sieve, silica gel, and activated alumina, so choose the one that best suits your task and desired output. Talk to your manufacturer or an expert to figure out the right bed depth and size for your air dryer.

- If you want your activated alumina to work properly, you'll need to make sure it's installed correctly in your air dryer. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's do’s and don’ts on how to do this. This will also make sure you have access to regular checks and maintenance of the desiccant dryer bags to check on them for saturation, etc.

- Alumina dust that has been activated can get damaged if it's exposed to high temperatures or hydrocarbons, so don't use it in places where it'll be exposed to those things during air drying. This may have adverse effects instead of the use of alumina in the air drying application.

- You may also need to follow all the safety protocols and precautions when handling activated alumina. It may be harmful if ingested or breathed in large quantities. So wearing safety gear like a dust mask can help here.

- You can renew a batch of activated alumina by just heating it up for a few hours in an oven setting. This will take the moisture out of the alumina and give it the ability to absorb moisture again. This reusability is a great factor that makes air dryer desiccant a sustainable and affordable option.

All in all, activated Alumina is a great air dryer desiccant material that can be used in a bunch of different ways in air drying. It's great for dryers because it absorbs moisture really well, and it's a chemical-free, non-toxic, long-lasting, and recyclable option to be used in your air dryer.

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