Air Drying Desiccants

The air dryer desiccant beads are used in the form of tiny beads, which work powerfully in adsorbing the water and other polluted compounds from the air

Air Dryer Desiccant Beads

The desiccants are the substances which are widely used to absorb the moisture, humidity, water vapors and odor. They have the ability to maintain the effectiveness and originality of the products.

The main task of air drying desiccants is to dehydrating the air and removes the contaminants to get pure air. The variety of activated desiccants can be used for drying, cleaning and purifying the air or gases.

These include molecular sieve, silica gel, activated alumina, and others.

Among these, activated alumina balls are considered as the most effective desiccant to obtain the high-performance results. This drying desiccant is used for heated air drying, compressed air drying, van air drying and several other applications that require air drying process for obtaining the efficient end product.

Molecular sieves, highly porous sodium aluminosilicate beads, have pressure dew point to -90°C in compressed air drying applications. Silica gel is also used as the selective adsorbent for air drying applications with dew points of -40°C. In the same applications, activated alumina can achieve the dew points from -40°C to -50°C Desiccants are effective in removing the moisture and prolong the life of products.

Alumina desiccant can be available in various sizes that helps the users to make the accurate quantity for the respective application. The desiccant balls can never be used loosely, so they are packaged in bags, packets or sachets that are used to place them in bottles, boxes or containers. The air drying desiccants are used in the form of small beads which work powerfully in adsorbing the water and other polluted compounds from the air. Just gain the benefits of high capacity adsorption solution and get a highly improved and quality end product.

Sorbead India has years of experience in manufacturing and supplying a range of air drying desiccant beads that ensure to meet the needs of worldwide customers. We offer cost-effective, reliable and quality desiccants for an array of drying applications. We always put the main focus on delivering high-quality products and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Features of Activated Alumina For Air Dryers

  • Powder Free
  • Excellent Adsorption Capacity
  • Low Abrasion
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