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Air Drying Desiccant to Absorb Moisture Efficiently!

Air Drying Desiccant to Absorb Moisture Efficiently!

Desiccants are said to those substances which can absorb moisture and odor. Having excellent absorption capacity, it can maintain the product's originality by preventing any microbial activities. Although moisture is present everywhere, its presence is unnecessary places can be quite disastrous. Most of the desiccants are available in granular or powdered form. The reason that these desiccants are in this form is that in this way, it gets more surface area for absorption. This form allows the desiccant to absorb more moisture content from the atmosphere. However, these desiccants cannot be used loosely, so they are used in packets. Now the size of the packets depends on the requirement. You must have seen small packets of desiccants in leather jackets and plastic containers. While at the same time, huge bags of desiccants are also used while transporting that cargo on a ship.

There is various type of air drying desiccants available in the market. The most popular and widely used desiccant is silica gel. It also comes in three variants that are orange, white, and blue. Among the three, orange and blue are the color-changing gel. After absorbing moisture, the granules change their color, indicating that the desiccant granule is contaminated and needs to be replaced. Another reason which makes it more popular is that once it is fully contaminated, it can be reused again by heating it over 300oC. The other type of desiccant is molecular sieves. Its properties are quite similar to that of silica gel. The advantage of using it over other desiccants is that its absorption speed is more, and it has more resistance to contamination.

Apart from this, there are other desiccates like activated carbon and clay. So desiccants can either be used alone or in combination with the other ones. In this way, we can get rid of two factors at a time that is moisture and odor. For example, silica gel and activated carbon can be used where silica gel can absorb moisture, and activated carbon can absorb odor. Clay is said to be a natural desiccant. It is said to be the most efficient and cost-effective desiccant. One drawback of this desiccant is that it needs to be replaced immediately after it is contaminated.

Sorbead India is the manufacturer and supplier of alumina balls desiccant for the industrial air-drying process. Air drying desiccants are used for compressed air drying, heated & heatless air drying, etc.

Activated alumina balls are not only a bad conductor of electricity but have a good capacity to resist heat for a long duration. Its rigidity is that the alumina molecules are very close to each other; thus, its density is quite high. And this is the reason the most common shape given to alumina is in the form of balls. The external surface of the alumina ball is quoted with such a solution so that it can easily reflect sunlight avoiding any reaction. Alumina balls manufacturer designs the surface of the balls smooth, which makes it idle to use in various grinding processes. Apart from this, it is also used for filtration purposes. It is also used to abstract minerals from ores by making them highly porous. These white coloured balls are usually combined with the latest technology to ensure their flawlessness.

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