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Activated Alumina for Your Air Dryer: What You Need to Know Before Using

Activated Alumina for Your Air Dryer: What You Need to Know Before Using

The purpose of the desiccant is to adsorb the water molecules from the environment and consequently dry the air. That is why it is a superb defense against moisture. But on the other hand, moisture can corrode many metal things and damage many non-metal things. Hence, getting rid of the moisture is crucial to keep your things functioning smoothly.

Activated alumina is also a type of desiccant. It is very effective because it traps moisture in the air and keeps the surroundings dry.

What is Activated Alumina?

Activated alumina are desiccants that have high permeability. It has been squashed at multiple levels, so despite its small size, it has excellent adsorption capacity. They are multi-purpose because of their versatile nature. They can be used with dry gasses. The dry gasses are often required to transfer the vapor gasses safely. Several industrial sectors are used as a drying agent to clean and dry that place successfully.

How Does an Air Dryer Work?

The desiccant dryer has desiccant contained in single or more vessels. The internal parts of the dryer are used to keep the desiccant in a particular position. The internal parts consist of screens, trays, and sheets, which permit air circulation through the vessel without interrupting the position of the desiccant. The air enters the vessel from the bottom and exits from the top surface. The desiccant reaches its full capacity as air enters and leaves. After some time, this degrades the moisture-adsorbing nature of the desiccant. At this point, a regeneration process is carried out to restore its efficiency.

How Does Activated Alumina Work in an Air Dryer?

The air dryer has an adsorbent, which is present in the main section. It is exposed to several things simultaneously, such as recurrent pressure, water vapors, and heat. This all can lead to machine failure or somewhat mild destruction. In addition, it gradually degrades the efficiency of the adsorbent.

When activated alumina is switched in the place of silica gel as the main adsorbent, The efficiency of the machine increases. It is because activated alumina possesses high strength and has better capability to resist water. In addition, the activated alumina has special compressed air moisture stability of around -40 °C. It also runs long and can serve for two to three years.

The compressed air from the rear of the compressor has a kind of high moisturized compressed air. Because the dryer has a low quantity of condensate, it does not have much power. If a small amount of condensed water pierces the adsorption tower for any reason, the adsorption rate of the dryer will drop. So, it is very important to check the position of the gas-water divider and filter in the right place. Any inappropriate situation can disturb the dew point and increase its value. If the situation worsens and the adsorbent breaks down, there will be a complete powder discharge from the muffler. It can also block the dirt filter on the rear side. In that case, replacement is a must.

The adsorbent of the dryer has the property of a non-thermal conductor. It means that the heat cannot be spread in a series by the microporous water, while in the adsorption tower, there is already a significant amount of condensed water. When there is powerful heat, the water naturally evaporates into its gas form. This process causes the adsorbent to expand. For this reason, only the water-gas separating machine should be placed in front of the adsorption of the dryer.

The activated alumina has a strong, resilient ability against the alkaline components. The alkaline components are Ammonia, Amines, and other organics, which have a high basicity level. It is also a strong opponent against moisture or water molecules. It is also a convenient choice for heat-restored dryers because of its versatile quality. It is also a pocket-friendly transaction.

Contrarily, the activated alumina has its disadvantages too. It is vulnerable to long-chain hydrocarbons; they are heavy and strong. For example, the activated alumina is defenseless against air compressor oil vapors. These hydrocarbons accumulate on the surface of the alumina and block its porosity method. This lowers the water or moisture adsorption capability of activated alumina.

You have to take some precautions and see that Activated alumina is the best choice to go with. Sorbead is the leading company as a qualified manufacturer and supplier of activated alumina worldwide. We are recognized because of our customer satisfaction and meeting the market standard. Contact us now!

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