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14 Ways to increase productivity with Activated Alumina Balls

14 Ways to increase productivity with Activated Alumina Balls

Activated alumina balls are vital for drying, purifying, and isolation the air, gases, and water. The balls are actively used for controlling humidity, mildew, oxidation, rust, and corrosion from air, gas, and oil. It is also used for drying air & gas, water treatment for fluoride removal, and purification of basic and herbal drugs. 

The activated alumina balls are a highly porous form of aluminium oxide. However, the desiccant is highly appreciated for its high adsorption capacity. These balls can also be utilized for applications like dehydration, separation, and purification of oil and gases.


14 Ways to increase productivity with Activated Alumina Balls:

Drying, filtration, purification, and removal of water, moisture, and impurities from the industrial air, gases, and oil to increase productivity.The balls work as a filtering agent to purify the water. 

  1. Purification of industrial oil: 

The transformers, the machinery, and the other equipment used in the industries sometimes get affected by moisture or water, which can affect production. To maintain productivity and smooth functioning of the machinery, industries look towards activated alumina balls. 

The oil is used for the smooth functioning of the equipment and machinery. If this oil gets affected through moisture, productivity also gets involved at the same time. The production process decreases due to the moisture content in oil, so the avoid this type of situation, several industries prefer to use the activated alumina balls to increase production and purify the oil for smoother functioning. 

  1. Drying industrial air and gas:

As per research, most industrial oil and gas get affected by moisture, and the humidity effects can be explosive. Moisture can affect if the gas and air are not streamed out properly or not stored properly. Keeping the air and gas stream clean and free from water and moisture is also important. Otherwise, there can be major damages faced by the industries. 

For keeping the streams clean and dry, an activated alumina balls bed is attached to the streams. When the air or gas passes through the bed, the alumina balls extract the excess water or moisture from the product and give the dried gas and air for usage. 

  1. Water treatment to remove fluoride:

We know that when the wastewater is streamed from the industries to fresh water, it can badly affect the other water bodies in rivers, oceans, and seas. Water treatment is very important before streaming it out to clean water; we need activated alumina balls. The alumina balls help in removing the arsenic content.

When the air and gases or oils are dehydrated or purified, excess water is extracted from them. This water is then purified before being filtered out in the ocean or river so that the clean water and its water bodies aren’t affected. The filtration and purification process uses the activated alumina balls while the gases and air are dried. The moisture from the air and gas is full of impurities, which can harm the water and the water consumers. Thus, activated alumina balls are now widely used to stream clean and purified water to the ocean and rivers.

  1. PSA & VPSA:

The Pressure swing and the vacuum pressure swing adsorption are oxygen production equipment. Both opt activated alumina balls to dry out the excess water from oxygen-generating plants. As we know that alumina balls have the highest capacity to adsorb water. Both types of equipment use high pressure to separate water and oxygen and purify oxygen better. These also use activated alumina balls. The balls make sure to dry out the excess water completely so that oxygen production never slows. 

  1. Drying of Organic Liquids:

It has been studied that a liquid mixture comprises organic liquids that can be dried by passing adsorbents and desiccants in it. Organic liquids such as steam cracked gas, aromatic solvents, chloroform hydrocarbons, and LPG can be dehydrated using alumina balls.

  1. Sulphur Recovery plants:

When hydrogen sulphide is transformed into elemental sulphur is acknowledged as sulphur recovery. It has been studied that hydrogen sulphide is obtained when crude oils contain an excessive quantity of sulphides. 

It has also been said that hydrogen sulphide in natural gasoline can cause corrosion to the pipelines through which the natural gases are transported. The presence of sulphide can also lead to air pollution, so to control and stop these damages to the environment and industries, the alumina balls take effective action against solving these damage issues. 

  1. Filter Dryer HVAC Systems:

The HVAC system is accelerated as heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The system used for grant cooling and provide heat to the residential structures or to the industrial setups. As an important fact of this system is that it takes in air from outside to the grant indoor air quality.

It is also important that the quality of the indoor air should be better than the outside air. For this the activated alumina balls give better results by purifying the outside air and removing all the impurities and moisture from it.

  1. Peroxide Removal from Organic Solvent Tetrahydrofuran:

Peroxides are formed when the chemical compounds are stored in dark rooms and afterward shown to light, moisture, or heat. This results in a slow oxidation process. 

When peroxide formation occurs in tetrahydrofuran (THF), there are possibilities of an explosion emerging under mechanical shock and thermal shock. Researchers say that when THF is exposed to air or moisture, it can cause peroxide formation. Therefore, activated alumina balls are widely preferred and work as a defender against peroxide to prevent any explosion or formation of peroxide.

  1. Activated Alumina Balls for Thermosyphon Filters: 

The thermosyphon filters help to soak up moisture from the transformer’s oil. The alumina balls are used for the same, removing moisture from oil. The desiccant is famous for removing moisture and impurities from industry liquids and gases. Activated alumina can also be used in energy transformers, air dryers, dehumidifiers, and others. 

  1.  Polyester filament yarn dehumidification system:

In polyester manufacturing industries, dehumidification devices consist of a heater, filter, etc., for moisture adsorption. This industry relies on dry air for manufacturing and processing polyester yarns. As we know, that air is not completely dry, and the presence of moisture in the air can ruin the polyester yarns. The moisture can even damage the tools, systems, and other equipment. Therefore, the solution to stop the effect of moisture and further damage to machinery is to apply the activated alumina balls. The desiccant will help remove moisture and keep the air dry for a long time. 

  1.  Cryogenic air separation plants:

The devices used to separate the diverse air additives are called cryogenic air separation structures. The air is divided into factors like nitrogen, oxygen, and inert gases. The cryogenic separation process also uses activated alumina balls for better adsorption and separation of oxygen and nitrogen in diverse industries. 

  1.  Instrumental Air Drying:

As we talk about air drying, several adsorbents and desiccants come to mind. But here, we are focusing on the activated alumina balls, which maintain a moisture-free environment and avoid other major damages. The same goes for instrumental air-drying systems. We know that compressed consists of some moisture than normal air, and the instrument air dryers use a dehumidifier for this compressed air. Now the moisture from the compressed air is important to remove; otherwise, serious damage can be caused to the instruments. 

  1.  Hydraulic oil purification for longer machine life:

Purifying oil with alumina balls increases the shelf-life and enhances the function of the machinery. This is important because the oils for the machinery are sensitive to moisture. Moisture can be very dangerous for oil. The desiccants, like activated alumina balls, completely purify the hydraulic oil and enhance the machinery’s life for a long time.

  1.  Air & gas dehydration- steam cracking systems:

Air and gas drying is very important in most industries because the drying process removes all the excess moisture from them. Moisture can affect production, so it should be removed from air and gas. For dehydration, industries mostly prefer alumina balls because they are porous and have a high capacity for adsorbing moisture. 

The formation of hydrocarbon hydrates can cause deadly problems in these plants. To ensure that these problems are avoided to the maximum, dehydration or drying of cracked gas is done. This dehydration is done at a dewpoint equal to or -35 F.Contact US

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