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June 26, 2016

Activated Alumina basically made up of Aluminium Oxide which is highly porous and exhibits tremendous surface area. Being supplier of Activated Alumina Balls we provide material which is resistant to thermal shock and abrasion. Moreover it will not shrink, swell, soften nor will disintegrate when immersed in water. The main advantage using Activated Alumina Balls is its high surface area about 345-415 m²/gm and attrition loss is very less about 0.2 % having crushing strength of 8-12 kgf/cm².

Activated Alumina is being very effective when used as water filter. Water having various impurities and contents should be filtered in order to prevent any harmful disease in human beings. The main concern is to control access amount of Fluoride contents in water. Fluoride compounds are basically salts that form when the element fluorine combines with minerals in soil and rocks. Excessive amount of fluoride in drinking water would result into several diseases leading to bone fracture in adults, tooth decaying etc.


Activated Alumina Balls thereby being used as water filtration to remove access fluoride contents from water. Permissible limit of fluoride content is about 1.5 mg/litre so activated alumina balls manufactured by us can be very useful in reducing fluoride contents.

Being supplier and manufacturer of Activated Alumina Balls we mainly focus on quality of material thereby try to keep customers happy and satisfied. We have long client list of customer to whom we provide Activated Alumina on regular basis.

August 26, 2015

ACTIVATED ALUMINA BALLS is widely accepted as the best and most cost effective adsorbents for removal of Fluoride contents from water. It is currently used to treat potable water for municipal and household units as well as remediation of waste streams.

Activated Alumina Balls used to water treatment is an aluminum oxide that is highly porous and has high surface area. The crystal structure of alumina contains cat-ion lattice discontinuities giving rise to localized areas of positive charge. This makes alumina attract various anionic species. Activated Alumina Balls manufactured by us does not shrink, swell, soften nor disintegrate when immersed in water.

Activated Alumina Balls used for water treatment has minimum adsorption capacity of adsorbing fluoride content up to 2.85 mg F/g of Alumina. We are globally recognized as manufacturer of premium quality industrial chemicals like adsorbents for water treatment for removal of Fluorides & Arsenic of ground water & waste water.

Fluorides are found in the waste discharges from process streams in a number of industries so it becomes necessary to reduce its harmful effects the leveling down its content below 1 ppm. In certain regions of India such as Jaipur, West Bengal and Karnataka there is enough fluoride in the water to cause fluorosis so Activated Alumina Balls that we manufacture can easily reduce fluoride levels from 8-10 ppm to less than 0.1 ppm.

Activated Alumina Balls manufactured by us when used for Water Treatment can be regenerated by a solution of sodium hydroxide, Hydrochloric acids, Sulfuric acid or alum.