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Why Use Adsorbents for Heat Activated Compressed Air Dryers?

Why Use Adsorbents for Heat Activated Compressed Air Dryers?

Compressed air is really important in a lot of different industries because it's used to power machines, tools, etc, but, when there are high levels of humidity, moisture, or vapor in the air, it can cause damage and negative effects like corrosion, break down, and make processes less efficient.

Heat activated desiccant dryers work by using adsorption to get rid of moisture and other stuff from the air. Adsorption is when something sticks to the surface of an adsorbent, which is a porous material that attracts and holds onto other stuff.

When the air goes through an adsorbent bed, the water and humidity get adsorbed on the highly porous adsorbent material, which makes it really effective at getting rid of water and vapor. Adsorbents for heat activated compressed air dryers have a long lifespan and can be used to get rid of all the contaminants and impurities. These high-quality adsorbents, such as activated alumina and molecular sieves, can soak up the moisture effectively, removing water vapor from the compressed air.

Uses of adsorbents in heat-activated compressed air dryers

Adsorbents in heat activated compressed air dryers have a main and primary purpose of removing any moisture content from compressed air. As the moist air passes through the adsorbent-filled compartments of the heat activated compressed air dryer, the highly porous material captures the water vapor molecules, and effectively adsorbs it, separating it from air. This is essential in order to avoid the accumulation of moisture in the air compressor and processes that may occur, or else this can lead to corrosion and failure.

By trapping water vapor, water molecules, and other contaminants, the adsorbent materials protect against corrosion that may happen inside the compressed air system and other parts of the equipment. Moisture is one of the most corrosive substances, and thus when metal parts of the equipment are exposed to high levels of water vapor or humidity levels, they can rust and deteriorate, leading to lesser efficiency. Adsorbents when used in heat activated compressed desiccant dryers, provide a protective barrier against any damage caused by corrosion, helping to extend the life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

The presence of moisture can greatly influence and affect the air quality, as dry air is better used in industrial applications and uses. Since adsorbents are great and highly effective in removing moisture from the air, keeping it clean and dry. This is especially important in industries that rely heavily on high air quality, such as the pharmaceutical industry, food processing plants, heat activated compressed air dryers, and electronics manufacturing, etc.

The accumulation of water vapor and other impurities in air dryer for compressor can lead to corrosion and other damage to the different downstream equipment. The use of adsorbents can help remove water vapor and associated impurities from compressed air, as they are great at adsorbing such impurities from the air due to their porous structure, this can help to safeguard downstream air compressor equipment against corrosion and other adverse effects.

A few types of acid gases like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide can be created during the different ongoing processes, from either the compressor or the air itself. These acidic gases can corrode and contaminate the end products or the processes, so adsorbents can help get rid of them by reducing the amount of acid gases in the industrial air compressor.

Particulate matter such as dust and dirt that may form in the compressor or the surrounding environment, can damage or affect the efficient processing of the air compressor plant or heat activated compressed air dryers. Particulate matter clogs filters and reduces downstream equipment efficiency. Adsorbents remove particulate from compressed air to a very low level keeping them efficient.

Types of adsorbents used in heat-activated compressed air dryers

There are many types of adsorption that are commonly used in eat-activated compressor air dryers. The best adsorbent for your air dryer for compressor depends on what contaminants you need to get rid of and how low your dew point needs to be in the air dryer. For general-purpose applications, Activated Alumina is a great adsorbent. Silica gel is also a good choice if you're dealing with water vapor as the main contaminant. For more specific applications, you can use Molecular Sieves.

Activated alumina

Aluminum oxide-based activated alumina adsorbent is one of the most widely used adsorbents in the heat activated compressed air dryers. Alumina is composed of aluminum oxide which has a highly porous structure that allows for a wide surface area for the adsorption of moisture and other contaminants effectively. Alumina also has a high adsorption capacity at higher temperatures, making it an ideal choice for heat-activated air dryers and extreme conditions and temperatures. Activated alumina is capable of releasing the captured moisture during the regeneration cycle, and also highly durable in nature, thus making it reusable.

Silica gel

Silica gel is an adsorption material that that can be found in both granular or be beaded forms, and mainly made from silicon dioxide. It adsorbs on water molecules and is a great desiccant for getting rid of moisture. It's usually used in compressed air dryers that are heat-activated, since it's good at adsorbing moisture at higher temperatures. Silica gel is also relatively inexpensive and commonly found and used in various industries and applications, also very easy to regenerate.

Molecular Sieves

Molecular sieves are an efficient way to adsorb water, nitrogen, or other impurities from the air, and surroundings. They contain metals like aluminum and have similar sized pores and can adsorb many elements and compounds according to their polarity towards this material. They're great for adsorbing at high temperatures, so they're great for use in air dryer for compressor that are heat-activated.


Zeolites are mainly comprised of crystalline aluminosilicate minerals, with well-defined pores, that allow the material to selectively adsorb water molecules from air and other mixtures. They work best at higher temperatures, so they're great for industrial air compressor and are also reusable in nature making them sustainable and durable in nature.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, is a porous type of carbon with a wide surface area and a high adsorption potential for a wide range of gases and vapors, including moisture, and used in many applications across industries. Although activated carbon is not as widely used as other adsorbers for moisture removal for heat-activated industrial air compressor, it can be used in specific applications where other impurities must be removed in addition to moisture.

It is also important to consult with the manufacturer, and only use products that are high quality and made with safe and effective ingredients, for the heat-activated compressed air dryer to ensure that the chosen adsorbent is compatible with the dryer.

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