AD101 - The Finest Grade Of Activated Alumina Balls

Activated alumina is one of the high performing desiccants among its counterparts. It is used for the purification of various liquids and gases. Been available in various grade, activated alumina balls have a huge surface area that can go above 200 sqm/gm. 

AD101 is the finest grade of activated alumina balls as it has a surface area of around 415sqm/gm. It is made of aluminium oxide and ranges from 1 - 3 mm (2mm), 2 - 5 mm (3.2mm), 5 - 8 mm (6.2mm), etc. 

Features of AD101 grade alumina:

  • Resistant to thermal shocks
  • Larger adsorption capacity
  • Doesn’t shrink, swell or soften
  • Higher porosity
  • Low bulk density
  • Can be used in high pressure
  • Has very low attrition loss

Activated alumina balls specifications and parameters (AD101) are as below:



Size (mm)


Bulk density (Kg / m3 )


BET Surface area (m2 / gm)


Pore Volume (cc / gm)


Adsorption Capacity (60% RH)

21.5 %

Attrition Loss (%)


Application of AD101 grade alumina balls

Being an excellent performing adsorbent, AD101 grade alumina finds its application in compressed air dryers, air separation plants and heatless air dryers. One of the major applications is the fluoride removal by activated alumina. Fluoride levels in water if crosses a level can prove dangerous and lead to fluorosis.

By letting water through these powerful desiccants, the fluoride content from water is adsorbed that reducing the levels from 5ppm to less than 1ppm.

Other applications of AD101 grade alumina balls are removal of HCL from contaminated gas flow, Catalyst Bed Support, and Drying of Feed air to N2 – O2 Cryogenic plan,

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