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Activated Alumina For Water Purification

Activated Alumina For Water Purification

The dihydroxylation process produces activated alumina from aluminum hydroxide to give a porous solid object. These are widely used as desiccants and filters for water purification.

Natural drinking water contains many minerals like fluoride, arsenic, selenium, etc. These minerals are the reasons for considering water as a precious part of our diet and good health. But if any of these minerals exceed the permitted limit, it can lead to severe health issues. Thus, the purification of water is highly recommended. In this article, we will see the role of activated alumina in water treatment



Water purification by activated alumina

The principle works in removing arsenic content by the activated alumina bed. Known as adsorption. The arsenic content in water may rise beyond the permissible boundaries due to deposits from industries, agricultural processes, or even through natural means. When in huge quantities, this will cause many health issues. 

The water to be treated is allowed to pass through a bed of activated alumina under high pressure. More than one filter bed can be used back to back for improved results. The arsenic content gets adsorbed by activated alumina beds when passed continuously for a pre-determined time, and the processed water is collected for further use. 

The quality of the activated alumina arsenic removal process depends on certain water factors under treatment, such as pH, water quality, presence of other impurities, and compound form of arsenic. Arsenic can be present in two forms, As (V) (arsenate) and As (III) (arsenite). It is recommended to process the water before it is passed through an activated alumina bed and oxidize the As (III) to As (V) because the alumina filter handles As (V) more efficiently. Also, the pH range of water is to be maintained within 5.0 to 6.0 for smooth and maximum adsorption.


Benefits of using Activate Alumina

One main benefit of using activated alumina for water treatment is that it is resistant to liquid water. This means it will not shrink, swell or get diluted when immersed in water for a long time. The activated alumina beds can be regenerated and reused. The high surface area and high adsorption capacity place the activated alumina as one of the best methods for water purification.

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