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The air dryer desiccant beads are used in the form of tiny beads, which work powerfully in adsorbing the water and other polluted compounds from the air

Transformer oil, lubricating oil, and refrigerant purification

Sorbchem India- global manufacturers of desiccants and adsorbents

Sorbchem India is a global company focused on manufacturing and distributing adsorbents & desiccants for various industrial purposes. They offer several products, including silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieves, etc., which can work wonders in different substances' extraction and purification processes.

Transformer oil, lubricating oil, and refrigerant purification made simple with the products from Sorbchem India.

Sorbchem India is a one-stop shop for commodities including activated alumina, silica gel, molecular sieves, etc., that are used in the refinement of transformer oil, lubricating oil, and refrigerants.

Transformer oil purification: Why and how?

Electrical transformers are components through which electric power from one circuit is passed to another or multiple circuits for business or household power requirements. They supply power continuously for most of the purposes. Voltage levels are maintained safely by these transformers.

There are paper oil insulation systems to protect the transformers from overheating. However, water accumulation occurs in these transformers due to poor maintenance, improper sealing, leakages, etc. The by-products and the moisture formed due to the insulation system's degradation will reduce efficiency in energy transmission, dielectric breakdown, and power outages. This outage is mainly caused by the moisture present in the transformer oil.

The moisture content in the transformer oil increases the insulation degradation ending in low dielectric strength and increased stress on the components of the system. Therefore, the insulation systems can be used to measure the health of transformers. Water content in the transformer oils should be less than or equal to 10 ppm. When the moisture content is doubled, half of the life of transformers is reduced. Because of this, maintaining a particular level of water content in transformer oils becomes necessary.

Using a combination of adsorbents and desiccants is the best way to maintain moisture levels and transformer oil properties, according to proven laboratory results. One such very effective adsorbent is activated alumina. The extraordinary features of this highly porous material make it distinct from all other adsorbents. Passing transformer oil through a chamber containing activated alumina can get you well-purified oil. Alumina absorbs all the moisture content from the oil.

Lubricating oil clean-up

Lubricants or lubes are some kinds of oils that can be employed to reduce friction as well as the heat between various mechanical components that are in close contact. They contain Hundreds of base chemicals as well as additives. These lubricating oils can be synthetic or mineral. However, mineral lube oils are the most commonly used ones.

The lifetime, productivity, and efficiency of the mechanical equipment are completely dependent on the quality of the lube oils. So, it's necessary to maintain the lube oil clean and hygienic.

The aging of lubricant oils results in the production of acids. Acid is formed as a result of complex chemical reactions taking place in a system.

If the fluid is highly oxidized, the acid numbers will also be more. Unchecked acid will multiply by feeding on themselves.

These acid content in the lubricant oils can be decreased effectively using activated alumina. Sorbchem India distributes activated alumina balls of 3-5 mm to remove acidic components from lubricant oils. Thus, their life and productivity can be increased.

Refrigerant purification

Activated alumina can be employed to lower the acid contained in the refrigerant line. These refrigerant lines contain refrigerants or coolants. Delivering a good refrigeration system is an important role played by a good refrigerant. A filter dryer unit in the refrigeration system prevents the contaminants from entering the system.

Moisture or water component gets trapped in the refrigerant line 0that resulting in acid formation. This may result in the poor performance of the system.

Moisture gets trapped in the refrigerant line through the air, getting trapped by issues in evacuation, leakage, issues in motor windings etc. Eventually, this moisture content will lead to oxidation and corrosion of all the metallic components present in the system. Prevention of water or moisture from entering the system is the only way to reduce acidic production.

It can be done by using a filter dryer unit. Air dryer desiccant beads are used in these units. Activated alumina, molecular sieves and silica gels are the most important desiccants used in this. The most prominent one among them is the activated alumina due to its magnificent properties.

Activated alumina has an incredible property to adsorb large-sized molecules very easily due to its tunnel sized pores and high surface area. As a result, alumina can do miracles in removing the organic acid particles from the refrigerants.

Due to its amazing qualities, alumina is the best option to be employed in the filter dryer units of refrigeration systems.

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