POY Yarn & Staple Fiber Yarn Industry

The air dryer desiccant beads are used in the form of tiny beads, which work powerfully in adsorbing the water and other polluted compounds from the air

POY Yarn & Staple Fiber Yarn Industry

POY stands for Polyester partially oriented yarn and is also known as Polyester pre-oriented yarn. This is the primary state or first form of polyester yarn. It is made by spinning polyester PET chips. The main purpose of POY is to make textured yarn otherwise known as DTY or Drawn Textured Yarn. These yarns can also be used in the weaving as well as knitting of clothes. They are available in various textures. It may be in the form of semi-dull, full-dull or bright. The cross-sections present in the filaments provide a typical shining texture to the bright POY.

They are usually available in white colour and then are coloured using the Dope colouring technology according to the requirement.

The polyester staple fibre industry is one of the highly growing industries globally. Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) are used in the polymerization process as raw materials for manufacturing polyester fibre. From these polyester fibres, continuous filaments called tow are obtained using the melt-spun technique. After a series of procedures applying on this tow, polyester filaments are cut into small equal length pieces to obtain staple fibres. They are made from small chips of PET.

Activated alumina balls are used in instrumental air drying in air drying systems in the industries of POY yarn and staple fibre yarn, as well as the Polyester Chips industry.

Air is required in various industries for various processes. Contaminant free, dry air with a highly variable dew point is one of the most fundamental requirements for a production process without any hurdles. Just like regular air, compressed air also contains more moisture that making it not suitable to be used in production.

When this kind of air containing impurities and water vapour is used in production, it can cause many damages to the equipment and machines used. They may cause tear and wear of metallic parts, corrosion or oxidation, clogging of passages etc., and ultimately result in the shutdown of the system, the sudden increase in operational costs and reduced efficiency of performance.

Therefore, these industries need an instrumental air dryer system to dehumidify the air. They can reduce the dew point of the air so that the air can remain free from contaminants and moisture.

In the desiccant type of air dryers, activated alumina balls are used. They act as adsorbents, desiccants and catalyst carriers. When the air containing moisture and the impurities pass through the numerous pores of the dehumidifier beads, the water vapour or the humidity present in the air is adsorbed by these beads.

Activated alumina is an excellent choice here because of its capacity to produce a low dew point. If there is a high dew point, air will become more saturated and it will start to condense. This phenomenon can be prevented by employing activated alumina balls in this air-drying process.

Activated alumina balls

Made from aluminium oxide, alumina balls have numerous pores and also have tremendous surface area. They can be used in several industries for many catalysts and adsorbent applications. One of their major applications is instrumental air drying. These activated alumina balls are tasteless, odourless and non-toxic as well. They are seen in off-white colour.

High strength and low abrasion are two excellent qualities of alumina balls. Being insoluble in water, they are incredible adsorbents of water molecules. These alumina balls are capable of adsorbing a huge amount of water which makes them stand out from other adsorbents. They don’t change their texture, doesn’t form any cracks, shrink or expand when immersed in water.

They also have excellent binding power towards polar molecules. So, they get attracted to molecules like water, ammonia, acids, alkali etc. Due to all these specifications of activated alumina balls, they are even considered superior to silica gel. Activated alumina balls are capable of adsorbing around 36% of their weight in water. They can be regenerated and reused again. These are of low cost too.

Sorbead India is a global producer and distributor of activated alumina balls. We ensure outstanding properties like high strength, high adsorption rate, low attrition loss, low density as well as and longer life of these extremely good quality products.

Experienced in supplying high-quality products to a bunch of trustworthy suppliers over the past few years, Sorbead India is a popular and leading organization in India doing adsorbents and desiccants business. Not only activated alumina, other adsorbents like molecular sieves and silica gel are also available here.

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