Pneumatic Air Breaking Dryer Systems

The air dryer desiccant beads are used in the form of tiny beads, which work powerfully in adsorbing the water and other polluted compounds from the air

Pneumatic Air Breaking Dryer Systems

What ‘s pneumatic technology?

A technology that revolves around the working as well as uses of compressed air in manufacturing systems and our daily life. The medium used in pneumatic systems is air. Basic components of a pneumatic system include a compressor for the generation of compressed air, a dryer to extract or remove the water vapour from the air, air filters to separate all the impurities, electric motors to convert electric energy into mechanical energy etc.

Why are air drying systems a must-have in pneumatic technology?

Compressed air dryer systems are an integral component present in pneumatic systems. If the industrial air passed through the pneumatic systems possesses the moisture content, then it will damage these entire systems.

Compressed air drying is a must-do process every time air enters the system due to various reasons.

  1. All atmospheric air contains some amount of moisture which should be dried to obtain pure air.
  2. Moisture present in the air could even damage the entire system.
  3. Wet air will slow down the performance of the entire system
  4. Clean & dry air at a particular pressure level is needed for the pneumatic systems to function properly.
  5. Air should be dry to provide all kinds of protection to the products.
  6. It is essential to maintain dry air flow to lower the cost and to improve performance efficiency.
  7. The moisture content of the air may be converted to a liquid state that can accelerate the oxidation of various metallic equipment, cause wear & tear of production equipment and can also lead to freezing inside the pipelines which result in plugs formed in valves or fittings.

The water content in the compressed air is known as the term ‘pressure dew point’. If there is the only low moisture content in the air, the pressure dew point will also be below.

For the proper functioning of pneumatic systems, dehumidification of air is done. The compressed air is purified and is dried from moisture presence during this process.

How do they work?

During the air-drying process, the compressor draws in all the air with moisture and is compressed. Initially, the air contains moisture and will have a high temperature. Then its temperature is cooled and the moisture is removed and air will be dried using a dryer.

The adsorption materials used in chemical dryers can be silica gel or silicon dioxide, activated alumina, copper sulphate etc.

Activated alumina as the best desiccant for air drying

In some industrial applications, air purification is a compulsory procedure to obtain a clean product. Activated alumina balls having exceptional moisture adsorbing capacity are very useful in such situations. Obtained by heating the aluminium oxide at a high temperature, they are non-toxic, tasteless and odourless desiccants that are water-insoluble. In a variety of applications that demand very high water or moisture adsorption, activated alumina balls are the ideal desiccants that can be used. The size of the balls to be used depends on the usage and the amount of moisture to be adsorbed.

Their major applications are extraction, purification and air drying.

Activated alumina is a highly porous desiccant with a high surface area that has a greater adsorption ability. This is a multipurpose desiccant that can be used for various industrial purposes. It is very effective in air drying systems too. They can be applied in almost all kinds of air-drying processes like compressed air drying, heated air drying, van air drying etc., to obtain an efficient end product.

Activated alumina balls have an exceptional characteristic of achieving a dew point ranging between -40°F to -100°F. This range is suitable for air and gas drying processes. In two identical towers of the air dryer unit, activated alumina balls are filled. Among them, one tower is for air drying and the other one is for regeneration. The central unit controls all the functions of these two towers. In the drying tower activated alumina dries the compressed air whereas the air in the other tower undergoes regeneration.

Activated alumina is the best desiccant for air drying. With a higher rate of adsorption, highly porous nature and high surface area, activated alumina cleanses and dries the air from water and moisture. They are safe, eco-friendly, powder-free and have low abrasion. This most powerful and popular desiccant can also be applied in gas adsorption procedures.

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