Catalyst Carrier

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Catalyst Carriers

Catalyst carriers are materials which are used in the petrochemical and chemical industries during the manufacturing process for refining gases and liquids into products that are intermediate or the end use product. The materials are porous. Refining crude oil and other hydrocarbons involve cracking them at very high pressure and temperatures in the presence of a catalyst.

Catalysts are required in most chemical processes. The ever-increasing regulations and sanction on manufacturing methods and environmental concerns mean that catalytic carriers are vital to ensure compliance and keep manufacturing costs low while ensuring minimum wastage of raw materials. This has seen a spike in the demand for quality catalyst carriers.

A common product found in this role is Activated Alumina which is used in the manufacturing of hydrogen peroxide as well as polyethylene. It is used in refineries to convert naturally occurring hydrocarbons into intermediate and end use products such as fuels, oils, lubricants and chemicals. It is also used for sulfur recovery. It also works as a substrate and as an inert carrier for other catalysts in different procedures.

Carriers are relied upon in cases where there is a high operational demand placed upon the mechanical strength of the catalyst, in cases where the catalyst must be small or only be a thin layer and in cases where the catalytic substance has to be preserved for long term repeated use. A variety of materials can perform the function of a catalyst carrier.

Catalyst carriers help deliver catalytic substances by acting as a medium to help activate the chemical process. This is can be achieved by coating the substance on the carriers. This also helps to increase the catalytic conversion by increasing the available area for catalytic site. They provide a controlled surface that facilitate reaction by having a particular surface chemistry. These materials can either remain inert or react and form a bond with the chemical’s surface atom. The shape and overall composition can influence the structure.

Common substances include Active Alumina, Silica gel and Activated Carbon.

Active Alumina is utilized in this role as a catalyst carrier due to its high temperature inert properties that allow it to be a suitable substrate. While being a substrate material it also does not interact with the chemicals and does not degrade the function of the catalyst. The structure of the pores and the size of the catalyst carrier is critical to the success of the catalyzation of the substance, for example hydrocarbons in a refinery. For Alumina, the characteristics of the raw material and manufacturing can influence the size and density of the pores. The consistency in manufacturing translates to effective catalyst carriers.

Activated Alumina is a versatile product that functions as a catalyst carrier, adsorbent and catalyst according to the needs of the customer. It finds use as low temperature shift catalyst and as a catalyst carrier for hydride sulfurization in petrochemicals industry. Activated Alumina possess very fine chemical properties that make it special in this role. It poses a large specific surface area. It can be manufactured to precise pore size and structures according to the needs of the client. This is why it comes in different forms and grades. The strong specificity and the rich surface properties means it has a broad spectrum of use an adsorbent and catalyst carrier.

The many advantages of Activated Alumina include a very high compressive strength and stable surface are with low abrasion. This ensures longevity of the catalyst carrier as it is essential to avoid replacing the catalyst at short intervals and avoid disruption to plant operations. The proper pore structure that can be achieved coupled with the good active impregnation ensures a very high level of effectiveness of the catalyst in inducing the desired chemical changes in the intended product. Activated alumina is also known for its low impurities and insoluble in water.

It is also known by its other name gamma alumina carrier or gamma alumina catalyst.

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