Automotive Industry

The air dryer desiccant beads are used in the form of tiny beads, which work powerfully in adsorbing the water and other polluted compounds from the air

Automotive industries

Automotive industries combine all the organizations engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of different motor vehicles. Every year, around 85 million motor vehicles are produced all around the world. The number is increasing every year. Technological advancements like electronics and low emissions are all aiding in their market growth.

Applications of adsorbents and desiccants in automotive industries

These automotive industries face several problems. Water, humidity and contamination in various important automotive parts are one such problem. Sorbead India- one of the top companies in India that manufacture and supplies adsorbents and desiccants offer a simple and easy solution for all these problems.

Vehicles such as cars face several water & moisture problems every day. An example of it is the presence of humidity in recycled air systems. Desiccants can be used to reduce water and humidity so that moisture levels can be controlled to a large extent.

The air may contain contaminant particles and humidity. These particles can cause wear and corrosion of the system. So, clearing all these particles as well as moisture from the air is necessary so that the system can be protected and also have a longer life span.

In the air conditioning systems of cars, desiccants in the forms of cartridges and bags are used and also, customized designs as per the customer requests are provided by Sorbead India. Air brake dryers, electrical boxes and controller protection parts, cooling modules, accumulator bags, air suspension systems etc. are the major systems that need the use of desiccants in cars.

In the automotive air conditioning systems, silica gel was used earlier and it was then replaced by activated alumina and molecular sieves. Silica gels have this unique incredible capacity to absorb moisture and release it through the process of desorption. When compared to silica gels, molecular sieves possess a greater water retention capacity. They do an adsorption process that is irreversible and is capable of preventing all kinds of chemical reactions that can form acids in the refrigerants.

Molecular sieves can only absorb moisture, not oil. They won’t break down when the automobile is moving or vibrating.

The most established adsorbent in the automotive industry is activated alumina. Activated alumina is formed from aluminium hydroxide and has a high affinity towards polar molecules. This highly porous adsorbent has a high surface area and can hold more amount of moisture and water than other adsorbents.

Sorbead India provides a one sort solution for all the issues faced due to moisture and humidity in these automotive systems.

Sorbead India - A global distributor of adsorbents and desiccants

An ISO 9001:2015 company, Sorbead India produces and distributes adsorbents and desiccants. Their major products include activated alumina, silica gel as well as molecular sieves. They offer a major solution to all sorts of problems faced due to water, humidity and moisture. Sorbead India as a leader in the adsorber and desiccant industry, have a bunch of dedicated professionals aimed at finding long-lasting solutions to all the problems caused due to humidity.

Activated alumina balls

The highly porous aluminium oxide with a high surface area is popularly used for air drying in various instruments. Sorbead India supplies alumina that is favourable for the air-drying process, oil filtration etc., and with unique qualities like longer service life, low attrition loss, greater crushing strength as well as adsorption capacity. These alumina balls have a higher water absorption capacity than all other adsorbents.

Silica gel adsorbents

Silicon dioxide in its highly amorphous and porous form, which is available in the spherical bead or granular material have high water adsorption properties. The silica gel desiccant provided by Sorbead can control moisture and humidity to a large extent. High product quality is a promise that is always kept by Sorbead. Sorbead distributes an amazing combination of alumino-silicate gel adsorbents in the shape of round globules as a solution to all the problems faced in the automotive industry due to humidity and moisture. They have exceptional drying capacity.

Molecular sieves

The synthetic zeolites with uniform and precise pores are known as molecular sieves. It’s a highly porous substance that is found naturally. Only molecules with a preferred size can be passed through these pores because these molecular sieves are designed in such away. As desiccants, these molecular sieves are very efficient.

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