April 16, 2016

Activated Alumina is an aluminium oxide which is highly porous and thereby has huge surface area. Being resistant to thermal shock and abrasion it will not Shrink, Swell, Soften neither they disintegrate when immersed in water.

Activated Alumina Balls having Surface Area in the range 345-415 m2/g is mainly used as a Adsorbent for warm gases including air. Primarily it is used for Air Drying & low temperature applications for getting better dew points. Activated Alumina Balls is mainly used in Heatless Air Dryer for adsorbing moisture from Air.

Heatless Air Dryer is the simplest form of Gas or Air Dryer. It can achieve a dew point of -40°c for the compressed air systems as well as the other application of gas and Air dryers. Once it is passed through Pre-Filter, the wet incoming compressed air passes through the assembly of Slide piston. Next this air is directed towards the first chamber where it travels through the desiccant bed which contains Activated Alumina Balls. Our Activated Alumina Balls having High Adsorption Capacity would easily absorb moisture that is present in Air. Now this Air is passed through some check valves and then to after-filter and directly provided for end use. Now Activated Alumina Balls used a desiccant present in the Second Chamber that had been wetted in the previous cycle regenerates at the simultaneously as the compressed air dries in first chamber.


Thus using Activated Alumina Balls in Heatless Air Dryer would give Dew Point of -40°c and would absorb moisture present in air thereby providing dry air to be used in end application.