April 7, 2016

Activated alumina has a number of uses in the dehydration process. We will dig into that but prior to that, let’s have some basic information about this substance. It is manufactured from aluminum hydroxide. This compound is dehydroxylated in such a manner that it produces a highly absorbent material. This way, the substance can have a huge surface area. You will be surprised to know that activated alumina has a significant surface area which is over 200 sqmtr/gm. The compound is basically a desiccant and is used to keep things dry. It absorbs the water in the air and keeps a thing free from moisture and hydration. It is also used as filter too separate fluoride, arsenic and selenium from drinking water.

Activated alumina AD101 is made of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) which is also the chemical substance of sapphire and ruby and these gems get their color from this substance (without impurities). This activated alumina can be of different sizes and shapes like 2-5mm dia, 5-8mm dia etc. and the standard of this product is equal to or better in some cases, than what have been mentioned in Bureau of Indian Standards: BIS 9700. Along with having a high water absorption capacity and mechanical strength, the substance has a very low attrition loss at the same time. The prime use of this compound is for purification of the water and for removal of acidic vapors from gases. As the substance is of a robust nature, it is appropriate for using in high pressure.

Uses of activated alumina AD101

The wide range of its uses is for adsorbent purposes. But, we also find some catalytic applications of this substance at the time of producing polyethylene and hydrogen peroxide.
It is also used as a desiccant. The process, followed for its work is called adsorption. The water present in the air, sticks to the alumina when the air passes through the alumina molecules. All the water molecules are trapped and the air is dried out at the time of passing through it.

Another significant use of Activated Alumina is removing the fluoride from the drinking water. There are many places in the world where the level of fluoride in the drinking water is above the tolerance level and that can cause Fluor sis. The alumina AD101 can easily reduce the fluoride level from 5ppm to less than 1ppm. The equation is like the more alumina in the water, the less fluoride in the water.

Therefore, now you know why this alumina substance is so widely accepted in different countries in the world.