February 12, 2016

Activated Alumina – Is highly Porous and Exhibits tremendous Surface Area. Due to its distinctive properties it is being more preferred to use in Oil Filtration Systems. It is resistant to thermal Shock and abrasion and will not shrink, swell, soften nor disintegrate when immersed in water.

The uniformity of Bead Size prevents gas flow channelling and minimizes pressure drop. In addition to this there are various Advantages of Activated Alumina Balls due to which it has become well known among various Adsorbents. It has uniform Ball Size having high Crushing Strength, High Adsorption Capacity, Low Bulk Density and Low Attrition Loss. Due to such properties, Activated Alumina Balls becomes one sided option for use in various application namely in Transformer Oil Filtration.


The above Figure Shows an Oil Filtration Plant having a Chamber at each side filled with Activated Alumina Balls. Transformer Oil is passed through chamber containing Activated Alumina Balls through which the oil would be purified i.e. Moisture contents would be removed and would be absorbed by our material. SORBEAD INDIA – Being a One Sort solution for moisture is well known for this application. We are having long client base satisfied with use of Activated Alumina Ball for oil purification.

Activated Alumina – As Acid Reduction Material

Now Question arises can the total acid numbers be reduced in Lube-Oil? The answer to this would be definitely yes you can, Use Activated Alumina Ball. Hard Working Lube-Oils and Hydraulic Fluids Change their Characteristic with time. Acid is one by-product of aging. Acid is by-product of complex chemical reactions within the systems. Unchecked Acids feeds on itself, thereby raising Total Acid Numbers. Highly Oxidized Fluids reveal high Acid Numbers.

Depending on Oil, the Acid Numbers can be effectively reduced by using Activated Alumina Balls 3-5 mm. SORBEAD INDIA – Would be there to reduce your worries if you have Such Problems.