February 23, 2016

Activated alumina ball is used for a wide range of adsorbent & catalyst application. Activated alumina balls grade is used in PET Drying, Polyester Chips Drying, manufacturing process of hydrogen peroxide. Activated Alumina Ball is a selective adsorbent for removal of impurities like arsenics and fluoride from drinking water.

Activated Alumina Balls grade is used for drying of air, gases, and liquids. Purification and conditioning of insulating oil and Industrial oils.

Activated Alumina Ball is highly efficient with large porosity and high surface area as high as 345-415 m2/gram. Activated Alumina Balls is very stable, physically and chemically in higher temperature and environment. For air drying and achieving better dew point alumina ball is widely used.

Activated Alumina Ball is widely used in gaseous and liquid desiccation in petrochemical industries. Activated Alumina Balls grade used in the Dryer in Textile industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and Pneumatic Operations.

Activated Alumina Ball will remove Total Acid Number from transformer oil, lubricating oils and refrigerants degradation’s acid up to use.

Activated Alumina Balls for instrumental air drying and for liquid and gas drying.

Activated Alumina Ball is having an excellent air drying capacity for a wide variety of liquids and gases.

High adsorption capacities of Activated Alumina Balls are due to high surface area and uniform pore distribution. Activated alumina ball can offer better dew point as high as -40 °C with proper design and effective regeneration. Uniform ball size of activated alumina ball is especially useful in high pressure gas drying and thus minimizing pressure drop. Low attrition rates of Activated Alumina Balls ensures less dusting during transport and service life which reduces pressure drops and minimizes outlet valve chocking and filter chocking. Activated Alumina Balls are the best suitable for drying of acid containing gases and liquids like CO2.