March 21, 2016

Activated Alumina – Basically it is a porous and solid form of aluminium oxide otherwise known as Al203 or alumina. It is being well known among desiccants as all the desiccants are used for same purpose, it has varied application and due to its wide surface area, it is mostly recommended. SORBEAD INDIA’S Activated Alumina with grade AD101 are well known as the Bulk Density is low thereby it can adsorb more moisture.

Activated Alumina Balls manufactured by us comes in Spherical Shapes, having size ranging from 1-3 mm, 2-5 mm and 5-8 mm. Having vast experience in this field, we have manufacturing facilities with well equipped technologies and have almost covered all the market segments. Our Activated Alumina is widely used for Water Treatment. In many Areas there is possibility that unwanted contents get mixed with water thereby causing various disease to human beings, so to remove this unwanted chemicals like Fluoride which in access amount would be very dangerous for health Activated Alumina Balls would be used. The permissible limit of Fluoride in drinking water is 1.5 mg/L.


Activated Alumina Balls which is used in Water Treatment is USEPA approved and is the easiest method of removing Fluoride from drinking water. Activated alumina filters can easily reduce fluoride levels from .5 ppm to less than .1 ppm. The amount of fluoride leached from the water being filtered depends on how long the water is actually touching the alumina filter media. Basically, the more alumina in the filter, the less fluoride will be in the final, filtered water. Lower temperature water, and lower pH water (acidic water) are filtered more effectively too. Ideal pH for treatment is 5.5 which allows for up to a 95% removal rate.

Activated Alumina Balls manufactured by us which is used as Water Treatment can be regenerated by solution of lye (Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH), Hydrochloric acid (HCL), Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) and Alum ( KAI(SO4)2)